HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro
HyperHeat Pro

HyperHeat Pro

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HyperHeat Pro
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Included with Bundle:
  • 10.5"x"12 Heat Pad
  • 11.1V 9000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • High, Medium, Low settings (Run time, 4 Hours, 5 Hours, 6 Hours)
  • 3 Level Remote Key Fob 
  • Battery Charger 
  • A-20 Battery Pouch
  • 55" Strap 

    Lifetime Warranty: the Hyper Heat element is protected for life.

    One-Year Warranty: all non-electrical components are covered for one year after purchase.

    90 Day Warranty: Batteries and chargers are warrantied for 90 days after purchase.

    Who does this warranty cover? Our warranties apply only to items purchased directly from Hyper Heat or a Hyper Heat dealer. You must save your receipt as the warranty only extends to the original purchaser.
    What does this warranty not cover? This warranty does not cover any damage caused by (1) normal wear and tear; (2) improper use; (3) failure to follow the product instructions; (4) modifications; (5) unauthorized repair; (6) external causes such as accidents, abuse, or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control; or (7) customer negligence. Shipping costs for all warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer.
    How to file a Warranty Claim: Read the details below first to determine eligibility. Email kyle@hyperheatoutdoors.com for troubleshooting and determine if your product is covered under warranty.

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    Smart Heat technology

    The polymer, which is at the heart of the heating component, is loaded with a proprietary blend of conductive particles which enhance its conductivity properties. When low voltage is applied, the electric current flows through the HyperHeat pad, causing it to heat up. The material expands as it gets hotter, causing the microscopic conductive chains to separate. As a result, the resistance of the material increases and it conducts less current, thereby regulating the temperature. It cannot overheat, making it ideal for use in extreme environments, converting over 99% of electrical energy into heat! This is one of the many distinct differences that HyperHeat exhibits over competing technologies such as heated wire, carbon fibers, heated ink, etc.

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    Each Hyper Heat pad is wrapped in 1000d cordura fabric and sewn by hand in the USA! The heating element's rubber-like structure contains ZERO wires and is less than 2mm thick. This innovative product has a 2-Way Strap System that allows you to strap it down to any platform! Our Smart Heat Technology delivers heat in a moldable, lightweight, and waterproof package that will keep you toasty!


    Our incredible heating pad was developed in South Central Wisconsin. We came up with a solution to the all-day sits in the bow stand, metal bleachers, and sitting out in the middle of a frozen field waiting for the next flock of geese!

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